Compex Core Competencies

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

While Qualcomm reference designs are good performance references, commercial requirements may detect differences in form factor, power consumption. We adapt the reference designs to OEM models based on our experience with commercial requirements. These may involve size and functionality compromises but often include application-specific functionalities, such as 5G/LTE modem integration. Our OEM products are often found in our customers’ commercialized products.

Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)

Our customers come from many different industries with vastly different requirements. We meet customer-specific requirements with ODM designs. Such designs may involve special interfaces, special power supply requirements, operating under severe environments, unique antennas, or form factor/heat dissipation compromises. We also strive to add value to customers’ software in performance optimization and certification compliance.

Building Qualcomm Reference Design

We reproduce Qualcomm reference designs according to design files provided by Qualcomm. As a service provider of Qualcomm Authorized Design Center (ADC), we supply these reference design boards to customers for initial evaluations and software development.


With the expertise of the Compex software team, customers can tap into our experiences to modify or enhance proprietary hardware drivers and firmware user interfaces and develop features that add more values and differentiation to customers’ complete solution which target at their specific markets.

While Qualcomm’s proprietary driver is not made available as an open-source option, CompexWRT Software Development Kit (SDK), a firmware that’s based on OpenWRT and wireless driver derived from Qualcomm’s proprietary driver, can be provided to customers who choose to develop based on our OEM or ODM products.

Qualcomm Driver Porting

Customers who wish to use Qualcomm radios on non-Qualcomm platforms such as NXP, Marvell, and Intel platforms often encounter difficulties as the official Qualcomm drivers with the latest features are not on open source release.

Compex provides Basic Software Packages (BSP) for various non-Qualcomm platforms, allowing Qualcomm’s radio modules to work on platforms based on NXP, Marvell, and Intel processors, taking advantage of the well-polished features of the latest official Qualcomm drivers.

What Are You Trying to Design Today?

Your Idea, We Deliver

As a leading ODM wireless networking manufacturer, Compex is proficient in engineering to design hardware based on individual customers’ specifications that fit their applications. Be it a product that supports IEEE802.3bt, or a product that supports the latest SDX55 5G modem, Compex is here to deliver working products within a short time-frame.



  • Qualcomm Atheros QCN9024/9074
  • Single Band 5GHz 4×4 WiFi 6 (802.11ax)
  • MiniPCIe interface with PCIe 3.0
  • 4x U.FL Connectors, 4T4R
  • Supports up to 4096-QAM


  • Qualcomm Atheros Quad Core ARM Cortex 64-bit A53 Processor IPQ8074A 2.2GHz CPU
  • 1GB (2x512MB) RAM
  • 256MB NAND flash, 32MB NOR flash
  • Support 8×8 5GHz & 2x 4×4 5GHz

IPQ8072A Supports 5G

  • Qualcomm Atheros Quad Core ARM Cortex 64-bit A53 Processor IPQ8072A 2.2GHz CPU
  • 1x 512MB RAM
  • 256MB NAND flash, 8MB NOR flash
  • Support SDX55 Qualcomm’s 5G

Our Globalized Experience

Worldwide support and engineering services ensure quick time to market. When you need us, we are there for you. With our vast experiences providing top-notch wireless solutions, rest assured that you are in good hands while working with us to materialize your idea.

Why Work With Us?

Readily customizable wireless devices and software to meet the time-to-market demands of our customers

Shorter Time to Market

Develop customized wireless software solutions to meet your requirements

Software Development

Provide wireless connectivity solutions to meet your market requirements

Hardware Development

From its inception in 1987, Compex has become a global player in design and manufacturing in the wireless industry with the Global headquarters in Singapore, Compex offers a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf, value-added design and engineering services tailored to the global market and its needs.

Compex offers value to customers by increasing speed to market and most importantly cost effective solution to enhance customers competitiveness in the challenging market. Quality products tagging along competitive pricing ensures that our customers position in their respective market sectors can be further strengthen.

With our solely owned manufacturing facilities available in Asia Pacific, Compex has easy access to engineering resources and a wide selections of manufacturing components for quick time to market,  enhancing our competitiveness as an OEM, ODM and JDM for wireless solutions.

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