Today’s transportation WiFi is either offering limited connectivity or does not present at all. Implicating challenges to implementing a functional wireless network in a moving vehicle, one of them is the cost of infrastructure. With free and reliable network available, the passengers can now use the WiFi network for communication and entertainment, leading to enhancing their travel experience.


LTE as Backhaul

High Throughput for Multiple Users

Industrial Grade and Vibration Proof

FAA and e-Mark Compliance Design



On the highway, on the dock, at sea, and in the air, the use of wireless technology in logistics and supply chain management is exploding. From inbound to outbound and all points in between, our embedded boards have been developed as remote tracking devices to help report location in real-time. It has paved the way for companies to automate certain procedures, enhance predictability and quality, and reduced expenses.


Transportation businesses able to use wireless technology to provide on-board entertainment. Besides, the communications between platforms for public transport as a backhaul solution to security cameras along tracks or roads (information logging). It includes convergence of communication (VoIP), radio interoperability, passenger location-based services, power effectiveness, and government WiFi.