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How to raise support request effectively

Define the product being tested :

⭐ Embedded board / PC / motherboard manufacturer, model #, versions etc.

⭐ Qualcomm ICs / Compex models used : versions.

⭐ Compex / OpenWRT / LEDE firmware : versions, date codes etc.

⭐ Linux kernel versions.

Quantify the extent of the problem :

⭐ Single or multiple unit failures, How many.

⭐ Consistent failure or sporadic, How many failures vs. how many units tested.

⭐ Failing in a development platform Or in a production product.

⭐ Failing in a single platform or multiple, How many and which ones.

⭐ Is one test failing or multiple tests, List the perceived failures.

⭐ What is the impact to development or production, What is the urgency.

⭐ Has the problem been isolated to a particular model.

Define the failure :

⭐ Identify if and what standard requirement has failed.

⭐ Identify test conditions during which the failure occurs : temperature, voltage, band, configuration, mode etc.

⭐ Gather all available information relating to the problem : plots of measured data, log messages, screen captures, data graphs, test setup diagrams and procedures, a failed unit with operating software.

⭐ And so on… gather as many details as possible!


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