WLE600Vx Dual Band concurrent support !!!

By nirmal89 at 2018-04-25 • 1 collector • 1916 pageviews


I am using WLE600Vx as wifi module. for my interface wlan0,.

I want to be Client mode and AP at same time.

I have been able to achieve this with reference to


With all these I am able to connect my dev board to Wifi router as Client and  also able to make my dev board as AP for other devices at the same time.

Wifi router where I am connected to As client works at 5ghz, but my dev board(hostAP) operate on 2.4Ghz as AP for other clients.

Other post from forum answers that Module can not operate at Dual band concurrently (ref: https://compex.com.sg/forum/goto/22-110#Post110)

Then how is these possible ???

How can my dev board connect to 5ghz Wireless router and same dev board(hostAP) can work as 2.4Ghz AP for other clients at same time ???

Kernel info : Linux prouter 4.14.30 #2 SMP PREEMPT Tue Apr 17 13:08:37 EDT 2018 aarch64 GNU/Linux

hostapd version: 2.3

wpa_supplicant version: 2.3

hardware plaform: Espresso bin dev board

Wireless module: compex WLE600Vx 7CA

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2018-04-25   #1

Dear Nirmal,

Please refer to :


Does this answer your question?



2018-04-25   #2

Dear winston,

But then how I am able to run 5ghz for client mode and 2.4Ghz for AP mode concurrently ?

If by any mean it is not supported, then How could it be working in my case ??



2018-04-26   #3

Dear Nirmal,

It can be done, for example :

Setting the WLE600VX radio to 5GHz 11ac & Station mode ;

Setting onboard 2.4GHz radio (if available) to AP mode.

Here, both bands are used at the same time - dual concurrent dual band.

Undeveloped OpenWRT firmware may report wrongly e.g. showing 2.4GHz when actually there isn’t. To check it, you can try connecting mobile phone clients to your 2.4GHz AP.

Is your setup working ?



2018-04-26   #4

Dear Winston,

Just for your information.

I do not have any onboard radio.

and I am using ath10k drivers and firmware.

I am using only one WLE600Vx for this.

and yes my setup is working.

It works but I don`t understand how can this work when specification of WLE600Vx says, you can not work in dual band concurrently !!!



2018-04-27   #5

Dear Nirmal,

Given that your WLE600VX is a Station on 5GHz only, can you create a virtual AP (VAP) on 5GHz, and also an AP on 2.4GHz? Make sure that they are of different names. Connect one phone to the 5GHz AP and another phone to the 2.4GHz AP. Run an Internet e.g. Ookla speed test for both phones at the same time. I’m assuming that you can connect your Espresso board to a network with Internet via a LAN cable.

Can you show the results on both phones?

Also, use Wifi Analyzer (from Google Play) to check that the SSID, where the WLE600VX is a Station of, is only on 5GHz and not on 2.4GHz. Sometimes a router may create the same SSID name for 5GHz and 2.4GHz. With CompexWRT, you can also perform a scan for all available networks with details of their channels. Are you able to do this scan too?



2018-04-27   #6

Dear winston,

I can not create virtual AP to run on dual band concurrently.

Hostapd do not allow that.

Dear winston, I believe there is some misunderstading between us.

Let me explain my point.

I am using espressoBin as Development Board with WLE600Vx chip. EspressoBin do not have any radio on board.

what I am doing is, I am running AP mode and Station mode concurrently with just one wireless interface (WLE600Vx Module)

To know, how I achived it, you can refer to the link below


Now, my company`s wifi router work on 5ghz where Espressobin(running as Station) is connected as client,


my phone connects to Espressobin(running as AP) as client at 2.4Ghz and can have working internet.

Here, comes the play, if WLE600Vx do not work at dual band concurrently (As you said), How come this setup works !!!!!

Thank you for baring my questions.

Thank you once again Winston.

2018-04-30   #7

Dear Nirmal,

For your current setup, can you show the Wifi Analyzer screenshots for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands?



2018-05-08   #8

Dear Nirmal,

WLE600VX does not have dual band concurrent operation on the card itself. The reason is because of the chipset limitation.



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