WPQ865 boot firmware and yocto bsp support

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I just ordered one compex board  from 


What is lead time for above board?

Just wondering whether following are available:-

a) boot firmware image and readme contents for openwrt/compex, please provide me link for flashing guide and content description for Compex/openwrt/LEDE OS port.

b) is there yocto BSP layer available to build yocto based image for WPQ865? if yes, please share the useful links and build procedure.



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Winston wrote :

Dear Sudhanshu,

Welcome to the Compex Support Forum and thanks for posting.

The system would send you the lead time once the order has been processed.

Firmware is available here : https://downloads.compex.com.sg/?dir=uploads/CompexWRT/Stable/v5.1.6-b180409 : openwrt-ipq806x-wpq865-squashfs-factory.img ;

Firmware loading instructions are here : https://wiki.compex.com.sg/wiki/Manual:System/Firmware_Loading

Yocto BSP based image is, unfortunately, not supported.



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Anshbhutani wrote :

   Thanks winston for your support.

Just wanted to understand whether this Qualcom SOC IPQ8065 BSP layer is available as a stand alone open embedded layer.?

Is it possible to open a channel for me with sales and technical team to discuss high level requirements:-

a) is it possible to support yocto based image on these boards

b) cost and timeline

One of our customer is looking for Yocto based distribution, so that kernel patch work is easy to setup and we are good in security terms.



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Winston wrote :

You may like to contact sales here :




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