WPJ563 w/ WLE1216V5-20

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My setup is using the WPJ563 board w/ WLE1216V5-20 module.

After doing a clean firmware upgrade via the GUI to CompexWRT v4.0.2:

  • None of the bitrates for radios are shown - they show '? Mbit/s'

    • image.png

  • Signal/chains is empty, as are most other fields

    • image.png

  • Uptime is blank

    • image.png

  • image.png

I have also verified the same behavior using the tftp flash method.

This firmware feels pretty half-baked. What is the software QA process?

When can we expect updates to current firmwares (3.x, 4.x)?

Will we ever see the VHT160 and VHT80+80 options in the UI?

It also seems that both 3.2.1 and 4.0.2 firmwares are built on OpenWRT 12.09-RC1 (Not even the final 12.09). This was released almost 6 years ago. Can we get something built off something modern -- say the 18.xx branch?

How does one compile QCA drivers for OpenWRT?

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2018-10-16   #1

Can you try the latest firmware here:



We have updated the following:

  1. auto set scanband option for sta mode, so sta only scans the desired band.

  2. fix the wifison problem (the pcie radio may not connect, or connect to 2g radio) when the pcie radio used is dual band.

  3. use radio mac address from flash.

  4. Country name support.

  5. lte sim support.

  6. add su command.

  7. fix ethernet mac address.

  8. correct prod/info.txt.

  9. add rssi leds support.

We are using Qualcomm Atheros original source codes and wireless drivers different from OpenWRT/ath10k.

2018-10-17   #2

Thanks for your reply Winston.

I'll give this a shot and report back.

Thank you!

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