Nand flash in WPJ428

By shrikolap at 2018-10-17 • 0 collector • 395 pageviews

Is it possible to do nand flash on WPJ428?

As per datasheet observed both NOR and NAND flash supported for this board with some changes in jumper pin configuration.

But unable to boot with nand flash jumper configuration. There is no reference  image availble for nand flash from compex.


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2018-10-25   #2

Hi Winston,

    it looks like, image file content only File system.

I need whole flashing nand image so i can use Nand storage of WPJ428.

Only Nor flash image is available for download.

2018-11-02   #3

Hi shrikolap,

Sorry to inform you about our WPJ428 currently able to do nor flash only.


Compex Support

27 days ago   #4

So How can i use 128 MB nand storage of WPJ428.

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