OpenWRT vs. CompexWRT performance

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we have done point-to-point throughput tests with the following hw setup:

- Compex 563 + WLE900VX

- 5 GHz channel number 36 and bandwidth 80 MHz

iperf3 server - board1 - (WDS) - board2 - laptop with ethernet as iperf3 client

Measurement was based on iperf3 which run in separate local server. The board1 was connected by ethernet to that server. Boards were configured in WDS mode and in the board 2 the laptop was connected by ethernet (laptop serving as iperf3 client).

Iperf3 measurement had 4 simultaneus streams.

In addition the throughput measurument took place in totally isolated underground basement with no external interference.

We compared the following:

a) CompexWRT (wpj563a-v3.2.1-b180510-16M.img)

b) OpenWRT 18.06.1 + (from opkg repo: kmod_ath10 and ath10-firmware-qca988x)

    In addition to the firmware in OpenWRT repo, we have tried Candela version as well as

    Kalle Valo's versions found in GIT. In all versions, the results is about the same.


a) With CompexWRT the iperf3 result is 600 Mbits/s

b) With OpenWRT the results are max 280 Mbits/s


  1. Would you say, is this expected result? Is OpenWRT FW performance only half of Qualcom official version.

  2. If not, would you have any hints which would need more investigation

Thanks so much for you help.

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2018-11-02   #1

Hi tjsaarto1,

May I know what command you using for iperf3?


Compex Support

2018-11-02   #2

In server side: iperf3 -s

In client side: iperf3 -c -P 4

2018-11-05   #3

Hi tjsaarto1,

Please try 16 instead of 4 pair simultaneus streams for stress the connection to get the higher throughtput.

and yes, the perfomance of throughput from our CompexWRT firmware shall be higher than the openwrt approximately 20%-30%. 


Compex Support

2018-11-05   #4


16 simultaneous streams vs 4 streams increases the troughput for Compex 563+WLE900 more than 100 Mbps but for OpeWRT version, throughput stays the same.

Thanks for you support!

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