WPJ344HV Disable Speaker?

By ghostlybox at 10 days ago • 0 collector • 211 pageviews

Hay all, just taken ownership of a WPJ344HV which I’m using for testing. Is it possible to disable the motherboard speaker in uboot at all? I’m doing a lot of reboots at the moment and not sure whether to de-solder it or not. :-)

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5 days ago   #1

Hi ghostlybox,

Did you mean the buzzer sound from power on? If yes, it can't be disabled through uboot since it happended before the uboot.


Compex Support

5 days ago   #2

Ok... understood.  Will try to remove it and see if the board still works after...

5 days ago   #3

The answer is... Yep, board still works :-)

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