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Created topic  › Changelog for v6.0.8-b181121-OEM

Would it be possible to update the changelog page with information regarding CompexWRT v6.0.8-b181121-OEM?

I see that this was released about two weeks ago for most every newer Compex board.

Is it safe to flash this firmware on standard retail boards (WPJ563a)?


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Replied to topic  › WPJ563 w/ WLE1216V5-20

Thanks for your reply Winston.

I'll give this a shot and report back.

Thank you!

«  2018-10-17
Created topic  › WPJ563 w/ WLE1216V5-20

My setup is using the WPJ563 board w/ WLE1216V5-20 module.

After doing a clean firmware upgrade via the GUI to CompexWRT v4.0.2:

None of the bitrates for radios are shown - they show '? Mbit/s'

«  2018-10-12
Replied to topic  › Captive Portal

Thanks for the reply Winston. Is there a plan to allow captive portal support within the CompexWRT environment, or does one have to go to an external solution such as CoovaChilli?


«  2018-05-30
Replied to topic  › Setting BSSID

Thanks for the info Winston. Would it be possible for you to provide an example file for changing the MAC on both the onboard and add-on card?

The board I'd like to modify is a WPJ563a, and the add-on card is WLE1216V5-20.


«  2018-05-30
Created topic  › Setting BSSID

How does one set the BSSID for an AP? It seems that the "option macaddr" statement is ignored or errors out during setting. Upon issuing a "wifi restart" command from the CLI, I am greeted with "setHwaddr (8BE4): Device or resource busy"

«  2018-05-29
Created topic  › Captive Portal

Based on the wiki, it seems that the APc device is no longer supported, and superceded by the CNMS utility.

How does one use the CNMS utility to set up a captive portal for hotspot use?

I'm currently using CNMS 1.7.6 with the below Compex board.

«  2018-05-29
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