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Dear Winston,

I understand all of this.

The "genuine" Compex shop you linked is not working for ordering from Hungary.

I had a phone conversation with your sales department on this topic, and they've suggested to order from your EU shop I've mention

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Dear Winston,

our use case is for eliminating an external AP, namely the box should act as an AP.

Why do you advertise WLE900VX as "-

«  2018-04-27
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Dear Winston,

actually it is not an embedded board, it is an industrial grade PC box.

iBASE MPT-7000RSM V-B1(3)

Here is the hardware list:

[root@trs-2267 ~]# lshw -short H/W path   &nbs
«  2018-04-26
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Hi All,

just experimenting with a new WLE900VX mPCI crad.

All 3 channel outputs have dual band antennas connected.

Wanted to create a dual band (2.4/5GHz) AP on a Linux (CentOS7) box.

hostapd configured to hw_mode a.

The configuration is pretty much

«  2018-04-25
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