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Replied to topic  › WLE1216V5-20 - 160 MHz channel not working

I did purchase a wireless module (WLE1216V5-20) from you.

Do I have to also buy an embedded board to gain access to CompexWRT source code/SDK?

I don't need an embedded board though, but I'll buy one if I must.

I've put the wireless module in a

«  2018-02-14
Replied to topic  › WLE1216V5-20 - 160 MHz channel not working

Is there an ImageBuilder for CompexWRT so I can compile it for x86 platform?

In the download section I could only find specific board builds.

«  2018-02-12
Created topic  › WLE1216V5-20 - 160 MHz channel not working

I am trying to configure WLE1216V5-20 as AP with VHT160 (160 MHz channel width) capabality in LEDE (which runs on a x86 platform).

These are the steps I did t

«  2018-02-12
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