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I don't have much experience with it so far.

I only received my board recently.

Arch Linux is working mostly ok, except for the issues with the regulatory domain setting that I asked about in the other thread.

I guess it might make sense to try Debian too for sth more stable

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Hello Winston,

I have seen that link before, however I don't think that this helps with my problem. My problem is not that I generally can't change the regulatory domain.

My problem is that I cannot change the regulatory domain for the WLE900VX card.

With ano

«  2018-06-13
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I'm just a user myself (using APU2C4).

But I have two hints for you:

- There's a case available with more holes.

- You can disable antennas in software.

Try e.g.

«  2018-06-08
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Items 1) - 4) are present.

Item 4 is missing. The entire directory /etc/udev/rules.d/ is empty.

«  2018-06-06
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Please could you provide the iwlist channel info ?

«  2018-06-05
Created topic  › WLE900VX regulatory domain setting


I have the following problem with my WLE900VX card that I intend to use in AP mode:

I cannot change the regulatory domain to my local country (DE),

on boot, I get the following kernel messages related to the card:

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