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16 simultaneous streams vs 4 streams increases the troughput for Compex 563+WLE900 more than 100 Mbps but for OpeWRT version, throughput stays the same.

Thanks for you support!

«  2018-11-05
Replied to topic  › OpenWRT vs. CompexWRT performance

In server side: iperf3 -s

In client side: iperf3 -c -P 4

«  2018-11-02
Created topic  › OpenWRT vs. CompexWRT performance


we have done point-to-point throughput tests with the following hw setup:

- Compex 563 + WLE900VX

- 5 GHz channel number 36 and bandwidth 80 MHz

iperf3 server - board1 - (WDS) - board2 - laptop with ethernet as iperf3 client

«  2018-10-24
Created topic  › Ad-hoc / IBSS mode

Dear Sir/Madam,

could you please let us know which radio modules below support Ad-Hoc / IBSS mode:







Dual Band:



«  2018-09-10
Replied to topic  › Internet connectivity with SSH

Dear Winston,

Now we managed to have internet connection via SSH. It was a combination of Firmware, WAN setting (as above). In addition we removed our firewall and connected to raw internet with our public IP-address & gateway etc and internet was routed both Wifi and comman

«  2018-07-09
Replied to topic  › Internet connectivity with SSH

Dear Winston,

I sent the link for backup file in a private message.

«  2018-07-05
Replied to topic  › Internet connectivity with SSH

Dear Winston,

I received the changed root password. Still the problem persists, and no internet connectivity is available in SSH terminal session. Would it be possible for you to replicate the problem: Take 563 with latest firmware and establish a SSH connection and try ping or bing

«  2018-07-03
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Dear Winston,

I lost the password for tjsaarto username and created new one as tjsaarto1.

(btw in your support forum "forget password" ends up in an error).

Would you be kind and resend the private message to this username please.


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