Certifying devices with Wifi has never been a straightforward task. With LTE/5G, it can get more complicated. Companies with limited WiFi or RF expertise do not have the time or resources to navigate through all the varying requirements associated with testing and certifications. Compex can work with companies to collaborate with the test laboratory to get their products certified with fewer hassles to meet major global regulations and industry certification requirements.


Advanced Shop Floor Management System

  • Our advanced manufacturing processes enable us to improve manufacturing time and ensure optimal performance in manufacturing capacity. Compex implements a consistent high-quality testing and thorough calibration process to every product manufactured, ensuring that every product shipping out to our customers meets our strict quality control standards.

  • Information related to the revision of products, changes in the Bill of Materials (BOM) for products, and process changes due to revision of products or new product introduction are updated towards the production via our advanced system.

  • Automated shop floor equipment controls and data collection are regulated to reduce human errors and maximize productivity.

Advanced Manufacturing Equipment

  • Our SMT line use Nitrogen for the reflow process, which can provide a consistently high-quality solder for all our products.

  • Advanced SMT Inspection equipment such as X-Ray Machine and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system to monitor and control the quality. Automated X-Ray machine to deter possible defects in PCB manufacturing processes, such as misalignment, solder bridge, and open Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system offers PCB inspection with exceptional defect coverage, inspecting solder joints and verifies correct part assemble enabling users to improve quality.

Thorough Quality Assurances Testing

  • Every product manufactured is individually calibrated and tested to ensure it’s the highest-quality for our customers.

  • Every wireless embedded board and embedded module produced is individually tested by Litepoint testers to ensure their wireless calibration meets our strict standards, while every antenna we produce is individually tested with a Network Analyzer (Agilent) to ensure each antenna isolation meet our strict standard.

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