Product Design & Development

Resolving Your Product Challenges

Compex is a leading ODM partner of wide ranges of wireless networking products. Compex hardware design and engineering skills have been proven to master design proficiency that is specific to the networking applications based on Qualcomm Atheros solutions.

Engineers with Unlimited Creativity

Compex team has the expertise to resolve various product development issues such as assisting customers in developing a hardware solution that fits customers’ applications. Hardware can be designed and equipped with high power WiFi radio for outdoor Point to Point applications, or designed with industrial grade components to withstand and able to operate normally under extreme temperature.

With Compex software team expertise, customers can tap into our experiences to modify or enhance proprietary hardware drivers and firmware user interfaces, and developing features that add more values and differentiation to a customer’s complete solution targeted at their specific market

Team Capabilities

✔  Hardware Design
✔  Mechanical Design
✔  Software Design
✔  Software Enhancement
✔  Industrial Design
✔  Constant Development

Adequate Wireless Experience

Quick New Product Introduction

Compex provides a comprehensive set of services that enable companies, ranging from new startups to large multinational corporations, to turn their innovations and creativities into end products, assisting them in gaining access to respective targeted applications.

Time to Market to stay Competitive

We offer extensive knowledge in wireless industries and the disruptive technology within businesses that can help you pilot your products and achieve the visibility you need to be competitive.

With vast experience in designing a working idea for our customers, quicker time to market can be achieved, ensuring that you are always the first in introducing the latest solution in your industry or application.

On Schedule Product Launch

✔  Rapid Prototyping
✔  Hardware Debug
✔  Software Debug
✔  Design Verification Test (DVT)
✔  Production Verification Test (PVT)
✔  Products Certifications (CE, FCC, etc.)
✔  Mass Production (MP)

Manufacturing Advantages

Maintain High Efficiency & Productivity

Having our manufacturing facilities, Compex (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. situated in Suzhou China, and Compex Technologies Sdn. Bhd. situated in Johor Bahru Malaysia, we have a wide range of access to the vast amount of components from reputable components’ suppliers such as Qorvo, Skyworks, and Murata. Our well-aligned production system with easily accessible components ensures that production is maintained at its highest efficiency in terms of output and components’ quality assurance.

Our Quality Control

✔  Advanced Shop Floor System
✔  Advanced Manufacturing Equipment
✔  Wireless Test Equipment
✔  Incoming Quality Control (IQC)
✔  Outgoing Quality Control (OQC)

Quality Management System

In order to maintain our factory quality control, we have heavily invested on state of art wireless testing equipment such as Litepoint and Agilent to ensure that products produced at our factory meet the promised specifications stated on our product datasheet and meeting the quality and specifications criteria our customers required to build their state of art products.

Our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001:2015 certified, ensuring that our quality management system is always up to date and remaining competitive, bringing benefits to our customers’ branding.

Post-sales Services

How After Sales Support Works

Maintaining adequate after-sales services are essential in maintaining brand reputation when it comes to products’ repair and faults troubleshooting, that’s why we’ve built systems that ensure our customers are provided with all the aftermarket services they’ll need — from product launch all the way to end of life of the product.

Product Services & Maintenance

Customers will be working with our team of experienced specialists dedicated to helping you building brand loyalty and further enhance your customer experience through adequate technical support and product faults’ troubleshooting. We’re passionate to help you to extend the lifespan of your product — and we’ll be a dependable partner in ensuring top-notch after-sales services in the market.

After Sales Services Provided

✔  RMA Screening & Fault Validation
✔  Failure Troubleshooting & Analysis
✔  Rework & Repair
✔  Drop shipment

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