The Leading OEM Wireless Partner

Compex is a leading OEM supplier and partner of wireless components. With over 20 years of Expertise in providing wireless components and total solutions to customers looking for quicker-to-market wireless solutions. We can provide components based upon Qualcomm Atheros (QCA) Reference Designs as well as Customization on these components and total solutions that can help customers ensure it meets their specific requirements and application.

Compex software team has expertise in developing proprietary hardware drivers, user interfaces, and features that add more values and differentiation to a customer’s operating system.


Compex OEM wireless components are based upon Qualcomm Atheros Reference Design, our hardware engineers will optimize the designs and make customization that will meet the market’s demand and add additional features that will increase its applications. Combining Reference Design’s reliability and stability with new features to make it more competitive and easier to integrate into customers’ wireless solutions.


Compex offers Component Customization to enable our customers to more effectively remove or add components to our existing products to meet their specifications and applications. This could provide customers a stable platform to base their solutions on, there are many levels of customization we offer. It varies from removing one Ethernet Port to reworking the entire PCB to fit another dimension, Compex is capable of such customization.


Compex also offers customization on our Total Solutions, it will allow customers looking to remove and add necessary components such as Antenna, Wireless Radio Modules or Embedded Boards to meet its specifications. This platform enables our customers to more efficiently design their ideal solution and also benefit from our quick-to-market total solution products.


Our experienced software developers have established a solid platform of skills and expertise on our Qualcomm Atheros hardware to address various wireless networking products ranging from developing proprietary wireless drivers, user interfaces, and other advanced wireless features that add more values and differentiation to customers’ products.

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