Product Change Notification (PCN)

 In PCN (Product Change Notification)


Product Change Notification (PCN)

Dear Customers,

This Product Change Notification (PCN) is to inform you that the product list reference in this notice will undergo labeling changes will effective immediately. No other hardware/software changes.

Affected Compex model are as followed:

    1. WSD377
    2. WLE1216VX
    3. WLE1216VX-I
    4. WLE1216V5-20
    5. WLE1216V5-20-I
    6. WLE1216V2-20
    7. WLE1216V2-20-I
    8. WLE650V5-25
    9. WLE650V5-18
    10. WLE600VX
    11. WLE600VX-I
    12. WLE900VX
    13. WLE900VX-I
    14. WLE900V5-27ESD
    15. WLE600V5-27ESD
    16. WLE200N2

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