Qualcomm Atheros is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and is a leading provider of wireless and wired technologies for the mobile, networking, computing and consumer electronics markets.

Qualcomm Atheros established the Authorized Design Center (ADC) program to support novel applications for its wireless technology. Authorized Design Center have expertise spanning RF design and RTOS and QCA products’ driver development.

Compex Systems is the only Authorized Design Center appointed and Endorsed by Qualcomm Atheros in the South East Asia region. Compex Systems is currently serving partners from all around the world, providing top notch experiences to partners to facilitate their product developments, hardware and software wise.



With the effort to replicate exactly how Qualcomm Technologies Inc. looks like, Compex Systems has provided our sub-licensing partners with reliable and feature rich ticketing support system and information portal.

Dedicated technical support engineers are provided to each and every partners to handle their issues exclusively, in order to prevent any information leakage towards other sub-licensing partners that we are handling in parallel that might appear to be a customer’s competitor. Premium technical support allows issues to be resolved in quicker timeline, preventing a delay in possible product launch and prolong project deployment failures.

Dedicated and firewall protected information portal is created with encrypted access to all of our customers to access proprietary information such as Qualcomm Atheros chipsets’ information, QSDK programming guide, QSDK source code as well as chipset Tensilica source code. With rich contents available to our sub-licensing partners, our partners are able to start their developments by evaluating the reference design files and the chipset information to see which solution best matches their application’s requirements.

With the information portal situated in both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, while the ticketing support system situated in USA, Compex is trying to ensure always, that downtime is kept at minimal, and customers are able to download the required documents at ease with high transfer speed.

To understand more about our capabilities as Qualcomm appointed design center, please visit us at: http://www.compexadc.com/ or you can drop an email to: alex_tiong@compex.com.sg


Design information such as QCA datasheets, QCA reference design schematics, layout, and BOM can be provided.


An annual subscription fee services offer by Qualcomm Atheros and Compex to assist in your QCA based system design.

Problem Solving

A support fee based services that is necessary to ensure that QCA wireless product in working well in your products.

Premium Ticketing

Offered to every ADC sub-licensing customers for free, ensuring top priority problem solving for quick time to market.

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