-40ºC to 85ºC Extended Temperature Range

Customized Heat Sink Design

High Performance, Long Distance Connections

Certified by CE/FCC and Other Compliances


In a sector where even brief downtime can cause a huge financial loss, heavy industry operators need to be able to monitor, oversee and regulate their high-value devices on an ongoing basis. Distinguishing specifications, such as the capability to work under extreme environments, is important for ensuring reliable connectivity.

Industrial Grade Wireless Solution

Our industrial-grade wireless modules are designed to work in extreme temperatures and conditions. Whether it’s embedded in a tightly sealed casing, or installed in an extreme environment with zero airflows, or deployed at a location with the subzero conditions, our modules are designed to operate from -40ºC up to 85ºC, ensuring product longevity.

Warehouse Wireless Connectivity

Enabling wireless connectivity in heavy industries ensures all supply chain elements to collect and evaluate information during different phases of the process. Our wireless solutions are integrated into customers’ ecosystem, connecting existing warehouse management applications of a centralized data center, and enabling real-time data tractability. These data help improve process efficiencies.

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