LTE as Backhaul

High Throughput for Multiple Users

Industrial Grade and Vibration Proof

FAA and e-Mark Compliance Design


Currently, transportation is either offering limited WiFi connectivity or none at all. One challenge of implementing a functional wireless network in a moving vehicle is the infrastructure cost. Making a free and reliable network available can enhance passengers’ travel experiences as they get to communicate and entertain on WiFi.


Remote Tracking Devices

On the highway, on the dock, at sea, and in the air, wireless technology is increasingly used in logistics and supply chain management. From inbound to outbound and all the points in between, our embedded boards have been developed as remote tracking devices to help identify locations real-time. It has paved the way for companies to automate certain procedures, enhance predictability and quality, and reduce expenses.


Transportation WiFi Application

Transportation businesses can use wireless technology to provide on-board entertainment. Wireless features can also help improve railway communications, notably applications such as CCTV, public WiFi, maintenance and monitoring, and VoIP passenger information systems.

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