High-speed Streaming for Multiple Users

High Support of Concurrent Devices

High Power, Better Coverage

Mesh Capabilities for Similar Roaming


Home automation has become a positive inspiration for new homes. While it increases the residents’ quality of life and comfort, it also facilitates energy conservation and environmental sustainability. Complex networks generally consist of wireless radio sensors that intelligently interconnect with each other through an appropriate wireless architecture.

Mesh @ Home

A home automation system typically connects controlled devices to a gateway. Nearly every aspect of the home will become connected — with the living room to the kitchen to the garage. With our wireless solutions, wireless communications between smart appliances are made possible. With mesh implementation, networks can be extended throughout the entire home, leaving no blind spot for connectivity.


Reliable Connectivity

Even on a crowded home network, HD video streaming remains smooth with our wireless solutions. Low latency in online gaming and VoIP calls provides users with seamless connectivity experiences. Apart from maintaining wireless performance, our wireless solutions can support a high number of concurrent clients, and with the help of airtime fairness, ensuring all clients stay connected with optimal connectivity.

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