High Number of Concurrent Clients

Wireless Connectivity on Medical Devices

Ease of Integration

Stable and Reliable Connectivity


Medical instruments and patient services are evolving increasingly with the passage of time. An unstable network may cause inconvenience for the healthcare staff, impacting the overall service quality. The solution is to implement a sophisticated networking solution to handle the ever expanding connected healthcare applications.

Connected @ Hospital

Patients can easily stay in touch with their loved ones with WiFi enabled in the healthcare locations. Healthcare organizations can update patients with the most recent data directly to their connected devices. Self-check-in is one example that can streamline administration processes while improving patient experiences.

Connected Medical Equipment

Improved sharing of data is the main way of enhancing productivity and efficiency. WiFi can help stream information directly to mobile devices or workstations from linked medical devices. This enables healthcare employees to access patient data remotely from any area, thus eliminating the need for paper records and improving the precision and depth of a patient’s health data.

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